How this protein-powder startup is using TikTok to sell out inventory faster than it can restock

[ June 16, 2022 ]

"Ben Zaver was a few months away from graduating with a mechanical engineering degree when the pandemic started.

Rather than begin his engineering career, Zaver used the time spent sheltering at home to develop a whey protein powder that was clear and refreshing, unlike the chunky and unpleasant-tasting powders that dominate the market..."

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SEEQ protein powder company, co-founded by Sioux Falls woman, gains popularity through TikTok

[June 10, 2022]

"Hannah Perez always had an interest in entrepreneurship. She grew up in Sioux Falls and graduated from Roosevelt High School in 2016, which is when her passion for creating a business really began.

In high school, Perez enjoyed reselling knock-off Yeezy boots, which were very popular at the time, and that eventually led her to becoming the co-founder of SEEQ, a clear protein powder company that does its market exclusively on TikTok..."

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Maple Grove grad seeing growth with unique protein shake business

[April 21, 2022]

"When Maple Grove alumnus Ben Zaver graduated from college during the pandemic shutdown, he didn’t know it would give him plenty of time to pursue a business dream opportunity.

Born and raised in Plymouth, he attended elementary and middle school in Maple Grove and then went on to graduate from Maple Grove Senior High School..."

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Find Your Greatness - SEEQ

[May 9, 2022]

"We were sick of the boring traditional thick and milky protein options on the market, so we started working with food scientists and formulators to create a protein that has a juice-like consistency, and SEEQ was born. Our customers are dominantly in the fitness space; however, we are positioning ourselves in the market as an approachable brand to all active people and are not just singling out the heavy gym-goers..."

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