10.19.2023 - 10.22.2023

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Gone Too Soon

It's official – Sour Green Apple was a flavor so tempting, that even Snow White herself couldn't resist its allure. In just three short days, this lip-puckering sensation made its grand entrance and exit, leaving us all in awe of its record-breaking departure. If only we had a magic wand to bring it back, but some flavors are meant to leave you wanting more. So, here lies Sour Green Apple, a flavor gone too soon. But rest assured, we promise to craft more wickedly juicy flavors in the near future.

Our First Sour Flavor

We dared to go sour, and boy, did we nail it! Sour Green Apple flavor was the first flavor to explore the juicy universe of sour. Our first sour masterpiece in the SEEQ Family, with a sourness that perfectly balanced the sweetness, mirroring the taste of a crisp Granny Smith Apple. And the response? … It was nothing short of electric. It's as if we've unleashed an eerie-tresistible flavor that took over taste buds far and wide, and we couldn't be happier about it.